Françoise Hardy & Bob Dylan

"for françoise hardy 
at the seine's edge 
a giant shadow 
of notre dame 
seeks t' grab my foot 
sorbonne students 
whirl by on thin bicycles 
swirlin' lifelike colors of leather spin 
the breeze yawns food 
far from the bellies 
of erhard meetin' johnson 
piles of lovers 
lay themselves on their books. boats. 
old men 
clothed in curly mustaches 
float on the benches 
blankets of tourists 
in bright red nylon shirts 
with straw hats of ambassadors"

(Bob Dylan - 1969)

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Feérica "Psychedella" Fuzilêra disse...

Esta foi uma declaração de amor a uma verdadeira mulher: Françoise Hardy - segundo o próprio Bob Dylan.